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Many organizations are looking for unique fundraising efforts. It is a balance of trying to find items to either auction or raffle off that are of high quality, desired by the guests and that will bring a in a sizable donation for the organization.

Andy’s Custom Guns has proven to have found that perfect mix, especially for organizations supporting our country’s military, our right to bear arms or any other law enforcement related organizations.

Andy Anderson designs and builds beautiful Signature Series custom guns; allowing for personalized signatures, logos and serial numbers for the guns.

He has already built two guns for the Center for American Values Benefit and Auction and five guns for the NRA’s Ring of Freedom Benefit. If you are interested in ordering a signature series gun for your fundraising efforts, please contact Andy at



Testimonial from Brent D. Fassett, Customer

My friend and gunsmith Andy Anderson, from Andy's Custom Guns, was asked to build a special 1911 for a fund raiser for the Center for American Values, specifically a gun honoring the first Special Forces Medal of Honor winner, Drew Dix.

Well, Andy builds a pretty nice 1911, and this one was done with Drew’s signature specially engraved in the slide and a few other touches. The bidding was pretty heavy, and it eventually reached $80,000! At that point the auction folks went to the two bidders and asked if they each would pay $80k if Andy would build a second gun, which he of course agreed to do and so each bidder agreed to pay the money. So in one night, Andy had two guns go for $80k each…….stay tuned, he also has a series of similar “Ring of Freedom” benefit guns to be auctioned at the upcoming NRA annual meeting.

The Signature Series Gun Auctioned at Center for American Values Presentation of the gun auctioned at Center for American Values

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