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Brass Magnet

See the latest video of the brass magnet being used,"NEW BRASS MAGNET VIDEO"

So what is a brass magnet?

The BRASS MAGNET™ is 100"x144", weighs 6 pounds and comes with its very own, “stuff bag.”

With 6 weighted handles and Velcro tabs you have an easy 75%-85% reduction in time conquering clean up with a few bends vs. a few hundred.

Tested up to a .308 Semi Automatic the BRASS MAGNET™ dominated.  It takes the heat so you don’t have to.  Tested with over 80,000 rounds.

No longer lose your brass in the weeds; the BRASSMAGNET™ can triumph over snow,
mud, grass, gravel and more.

Interested in purchasing?

To place an order, please visit Brass Magnet

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